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Thomas Schlereth is the author of two brilliant articles on project management in our book series “Die Neue Führungskunst – The New Art of Leadership“.

The founder and CEO of Can Do GmbH in Munich belongs to the most impressive thinkers in the entire project management business, even though he has neither finished school nor visited a university. I first worked with him shortly after his team has released the very first version of Can Do project intelligence. At that time, one of the firm’s initial investors (today the firm is purely owned by Thomas and his management team), a client of mine, brought us in touch and we had regular discussions on modern organizations, the requirements for collaborative software and marketing issues.

Can Do project intelligence is far more than just another piece of project management software. It incorporates an outstanding philosophy on how future companies work, on planing, collaboration and even leadership. Thomas has a clear vision how the company of the 21. century will look like and what the crucial challenges for the next generation of leaders are. His ideas, like leading and organizing the entire company including the bookkeeping by projects, may still sound quite radical. But his thoughts go straight along with our research on the company of the 21st century and its new generation of leaders.

In July 2011 I met Thomas Schlereth for this brief interview in Munich. Like always, the meeting with him ended in long and deeply philosophical discussion in one of Munich’s famous beer-gardens.

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