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The Licence to Mask


Didactics and research programs at Karlshochschule International University are highly connected to a constructivistic and culturalistic approach. We also try to understand Business and Leadership from a cultural perspective. Research questions are for example “How has leadership culturally emerged?“, “What are culturally determined frameworks for leadership and business?“, or “What impact has business leadership on our culture?

(Image: Dr. Johannes Wiele with Ruohui “Jane” Ding, Alumna from Shanghai, Karlshochschule’s Master Program Leadership)

Here is another example on how to discuss current economic and social issues (here: transparency versus privacy versus anonymity) from a historic and cultural perspective.

Dr. Johannes Wiele lectures in Karlshochschule’s master program “Leadership”. His current research is “dedicated to the exploration and discussion of a very old concept of anonymity in private and business life: The Venetian Bauta mask and disguise.

In Venice the Bautawas standardized and its use was regulated by government to give Venetian citizens the freedom to do business, to pursue interests on their own and to take part in political activities without being identified while still being recognized and respected as legitimate and honorable members of the Venetian society.

For more information on Johannes’ current research visit:

Update (18.07.2012):

Johannes’ research is subject to the article “Die Maske der Ehrbaren” by Carolyn Braun in the current (July 2012) issue of the German business magazine brand eins.

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