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March 15, 2013
by Prof. Dr. Lutz Becker

I think it was back in 2009 when Andreas P. Müller and I first had the idea to start a common research project on “Narrative and Innovation”. Our idea was to bring two views, the narrative and innovation, together. Our basic hypothesis was (and still is) that narratives are the forerunners of new social and economical issues and developments. Nevertheless we were also aware of the fact that only a broad range of technical, economic and social views could help us to understand this phenomenon. So we asked practitioners and faculty from various backgrounds and countries to contribute.

Narrative and Innovation - The BookIn 2010 we hosted the first international conference on “Narrative and Innovation“. Our newly released book on Narrative and Innovation condenses the finding of the conference and adds some really groundbreaking new findings.

“Narratives are ubiquitous and hold the potential to indicate future changes in politics, economies and markets. As “stressors” and stabilizers in organizations, narratives and changes in the consensus narrative indicate the need for strategic change or organizational stasis and may be utilized as a source for early recognition in strategic management. The use of narratives in management, however, makes it necessary to adopt a new perspective. This volume offers a polyphonic forum for the development of an interpretive approach towards business administration, strategic management, and entrepreneurship, by introducing instruments of semiotics, linguistics, narratology, and others. This compilation, therefore, presents a comprehensive overview of scientific and industrial perspectives beyond the mainstream.” [Source: Springer VS (15.03.2013)]

The book displays a game changing approach to Foresight, Innovation and Strategic Leadership. It is a “must read” for both faculty and practitioners interested in really new perspectives on change and innovation.

We are looking forward to receiving feedback from our readers and discussing the topic with the community.

Müller, Andreas P./Becker, Lutz (des.) (2013): Narrative & Innovation. Heidelberg. Springer VS.

May 24, 2011
by Prof. Dr. Lutz Becker

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April 26, 2011
by Prof. Dr. Lutz Becker

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