Masters in Leadership

Blog of the Master Programme Leadership


Here are some statements from students and faculty of the Master’s Programme Leadership at Karlshochschule International University:

„If you intend to study at the Karlshochschule, you need to answer for yourself one question: do I want to learn only from textbooks or am I brave enough to handle – already as a Master Student – the complexity and ambiguity of the business world. If you dare to choose the second path, the Master Program at the Karlshochschule is your place to be.”
(Bernd Ankenbrand, Professor for Constructive Finance, Faculty)

“What I really appreciate is the closeness to the professors and all the other members of the university. Here we have the fantastic opportunity to learn about current topics in management and business, to apply our knowledge with the help of our versed professors and meanwhile building up a lifelong network of contacts”
(Franzi Konz, Master Student, 2nd year)

“The master offers the possibility for students to gain a new perspective of the business world by focusing on the importance of interpersonal relationships. It is the opportunity for students to assimilate a modern and human vision of the role and obligations of future corporate leaders.
(Adrian Peover, British Sociologist, living in France, Visting Faculty)

“The Masters Programe ‘Leadership’ provides students with a valuable contribution to complex project situations. It also offers an amazingly intensive networking between academic study and managerial practice, through challenging project work and the interaction with ‘CxO’ representatives. Furthermore students have a high degree of autonomy, which is particularly characterised by methodological skills. the Masters programe is especially advisable since it helps to develop problem-solving competencies and cope, by the mean of practice oriented skills, with the competivtive business enviroment.
(Veronika Dinius, Master Student and Personal Assistent to the Managing Director of EnBWs IT-Operations)

“There are a lot of Master Programs worldwide which teach Leadership as a streamline of management and accounting skills. This is for deadheads. To conquer new markets we need Rulebreakers. We need leaders who’s mind is trained to reflect rules in economy and society from the bottom, who are brave to break this rules und change them. To teach this future leaders is about to train them in thinking disruptive, operating innovative and communicating by ‘walking in others shoes’. This is what this master program is about. Join it and meet the leadership of the future!”
(Sven Gabór Jánszky, Futurist, Strategy Coach, Author of “Rulebreaker” and “Zukunft 2020″, Visiting Faculty and Member of the Board of Karlshochschule)

“Although quite unusual in design, the master program Leadership provides useful and practical insights in the layout of modern management theory. Based on the findings of modern system theory, the content helps future leaders to understand the complexity of existing organizations, without leaving them stranded. In order to get prepared for all those “real world” challenges, students are enabled to get the big picture, spiced up with sufficient details for making smart decisions. This one is a good one!”
(Bernhard Krusche, Scientist and Consultant, Visiting Faculty)

“The master program is beyond my imagination. It combines so many aspects of classic as well as modern management theories, which also includes, in a natural way, sociology, psychology, even linguistic! And what is more exciting is that you CAN and are always WELCOME by professors to make suggestions, what should be included in each courses. Leadership is an area of no boundary, and our program fits exactly! After one year of learning and three months of internship, what I truly feel is I have learned so much, and I still have so much to learn! By the way, the obligatory six month internship will definitely make you feel: in spite of all the tiredness and workload, which I consider as ‘hardly bearable’, it totally worth it!”
(Rouhui “Jane” Ding, Master Student from Shanghai, China, 2nd year)

“The Masters program ‘Leadership’ offers a new way of studying, unusual perspectives and a different view of the driving forces behind leadership. In my opinion, one important overall message of the various courses was ‘Don’t just believe – critically analyze!’. The broad theoretical orientation (but nonetheless detailed) of the program and the strong focus on practical experience, helps students to enlarge and expand their way of thinking as well as the choices they have. In this context studying in small groups is far more than the traditional classroom teaching style by means of memorizing management and accounting skills. The focus on a participatory teaching style, such as the flow team method, enables students to deepen their knowledge in their field of interest, promoting their personal development.”
(Johannes Mueller, Master Student, 2nd year)